Rochdale-born, London-based comedian Kathryn Mather – dark and cynical, but always very friendly.

★★★★★ “A revelation… The Rochdale comic does a fine line in lugubriousness (the accent helps) and has some imaginatively skewed takes on things. Perfectly delivered asides… She’s very impressive” The Wee Review

“The ultra-cynical Kathryn Mather… used to be a children’s entertainer, and now seems to relish the chance to explore darker thoughts her old job would never allow.  Her black humour certainly hit a chord with the room.” Chortle

“It’s not controversy for controversy’s sake, it’s deftly handled and occasionally veers towards surreal.” Cup of Beans

“Mather, whose material is dark, sharp, largely unprintable and often downright bizarre. Her set was a crowd favourite, managing to never offend while delivering no-holds-barred material.” The Oxford Times

“Her delivery is very downbeat in style, but this comes across as naturalistic. The material was well written and it had a fresh feel to it. No one else is doing anything on welding or shipping losses and so this was a welcome change.” Notts Comedy Review

Hot Water Comedy Club – August 2018

Suspiciously Cheap Comedy – December 2017

Roast Battles London – Angel Comedy January 2018