Zero Hours Podcast

Zero Hours Podcast – where I speak to comedians about the best and worst jobs they have done to get by in their pursuit of the arts. We also discuss some of the worst jobs that have existed throughout history – such as Mudlarks, Toshers and Resurrectionists, so that we may all get a little perspective.

Episode 1: Andrew Forsyth

In this first episode I speak to comedian and chef Andrew Forsyth about not becoming a builder, the horrors of the hospitality industry and how not to storm out.

Episode 2: Joshua Massen

In this episode I talk to newly professional comedian Josh Massen about the misrepresentation of drugs in films, offering waterboarding at spa’s, and how to get a free shoe shine from your boss.

Episode 3: Mel Byron

I speak to comedian and publisher Mel Byron about her show Karoshi – death by over work – and we discuss how to make a business out of getting out of work, bully bosses and a cage of 1000 rats.

Episode 4: Hassan Dervish

In this episode I speak to musical comedian, solicitor and writer of the Zero Hours theme tune Hassan Dervish about criminal justice, mattress carrying techniques and the morality of being a vegetarian working at Burger King.

Episode 5: Judah Friedlander

In this slightly shorter episode, I talk to American comedian and actor Judah Friedlander about being a gym receptionist, Subway vs Tube and bosses who take the piss.

Episode 6: Kieran Poole

This episode I speak to Kieran Poole – a man well versed in bad jobs – about prison, Bollywood and why cleaning toilets can actually be quite fulfilling.

Episode 7: Jenny Kassner

Episode 7 with Jenny Kassner, where we talk comedy, barber surgeons and resting bitch face.

Theme tune written and performed by Hassan Dervish.

And if this is the kind of thing that you’re into, the marvellous Kieran Poole has been chatting to comedians and musicians about their worst jobs on his radio show and podcast as part of the Worst Jobby Wobby segment that he has now turned into a live show!